Black Currant Candle


Black Currant is as fruity and delightful as an afternoon in the garden. It is a complex blend of raspberry, orange, and grapefruit combined with the sweetness of soft peony and lavender. Earthy sandalwood and white patchouli balance out the sweetness for a candle you will love burning for hours.

Features: Hand Poured Luxury Candle, 100% All Natural Soy Wax & Cotton Wick, Skin Safe, Made in the USA

Karen Adams Designs has teamed up with RE+NEW+ALL to offer a product that gives back to the community and helps end human trafficking . 

Each year thousands of women are reported as victims of human trafficking. For the women who escape trafficking, the road to restoration is long and hard. One of the most difficult aspects of their journey is finding meaningful employment in a safe environment. At RE+NEW+ALL, their mission is to provide that solution. 

RE+NEW+ALL is a social enterprise, not a non-profit. So instead of collecting donations, they sell candles to provide jobs. This means your candle investment has a direct impact on women being rescued out of the darkness. Every candle purchase gives these women the joy of a job they love, an environment where they are safe and nurtured, and the opportunity to grow professionally into leadership positions.

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